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6 Things I Learned Writing My First Bullet Journal.

It has been a year since I started writing my Bullet Journal (What is a Bullet Journal).  I can see a drastic change in the way I do things.  Being a Homemaker with a toddler running around the house I was always overwhelmed with the daily routine.  I cannot fit everything in the available time.
But after writing this Bullet Journal I can stick to my daily routine and my mornings are stress free. I can keep up with my  household work to my personal time,  surveys  and working constantly to improve my work.
Here you go these are the areas I can say there is an improvement  because of writing Bullet Journal.
Meal plan:
The meal plan is the biggest time saver. After I started planning my next day  meals,  I cut veggies for next day check whether all ingredients are available and my mornings are stress free.  Now I don't run in the mornings to prepare Breakfast and Lunch and I can have that clean kitchen by mid morning without having big mess.

Laundry: I had a page in the my bullet journ…