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The Birth of River Godavari

The River Godavari also called as River Gouthami links to River Ganga and Lord Shiva.
Lord Shiva placed River Ganga on his head. The wife of Lord Shiva, Parvathi was angry on Shiva and want to separate Ganga from Lord Shiva. For this she asked her son Vinayaka to do the needful.
There was a Rishi called Gouthama on Brahmagiri Mountain. He was lord shiva devotee and was given a boon so that the crops yield out within minutes of planting the seeds at any climatic conditions. With that boon he used have  food daily  for him as well for people who come to his Ashrama. 
Once Gouthama planted some seeds in a place and started doing meditation. As it is as at that place crops yield out immediately.  Observing this Vinayaka  created one Maya Cow and kept it in the middle of the plants. The cow started eating all those plants. 
After his meditation Gauthama came and saw the cow eating all the crops. Immediately he took one grass blade  and threw it on the Maya Cow saying as "Hari.....Hari&quo…

Godavari Pushkaralu

Today Adhika Ashadha Bahula Thrayodasi that is 13th day of 4th month according to Telugu Calender. This day Bruhaspathi ( Jupiter) enters Simha Rasi (Leo).     Godhavari Nadi Pushkaralu starts on this day.

see other post  Origin and Importance of Pushkaralu in this blog.
The Pushkaralu starts on this day the 14 th  July 2015 and ends on 25 th July 2015. This is the first 12 days of  Bruhaspathi (Jupiter) entering  into Simha Rasi. These 12 days are called Aadi Pushkaramulu.
Especially for Godavari river  there will be Anthya Pushkaramulu which will be for the last 12 days of Bruhaspathi (Jupiter) in Simha Rasi (Leo). That is during 31st July 2016 to 11th August 2016.
The Godavari river which took birth at Nasik in Maharashtra state as Antharvahini, comes out from Gomukham in Thrayambakam and travels through nearly 1000 miles touching both Andhra pradesh and Telangana state.
From Nasik it travels through Nizamabad district Basara kshetram of Godess Saraswathi .....Vemulavada and kaleswaram o…

Pushkaralu----Origin and Importance

On the  eve of coming Krishna Pushkaralu here is a post from my blog about the origin and importance of Pushkaralu.
Rivers take the sins of humans when they take bath in them. The purification of those sins from river is called as Pushkaram. 
Once a Brahmin named Pushakara who was concerned about the sins the rivers are taking from the humans  did penance asking lord Shiva for the Jalathva Siddhi. Pleased with his prayers lord Shiva granted him the boon.
Lord Brahma prayed lord Shiva and took the Pushkara Tathva into his Kamandalam.
The importance of Pushkara has reached all rivers and Bruhaspathi (Jupiter) asked pushkara for the Pushkaratathvam. But he  did not accepted it. With the prayers of Rivers and Bruhaspathi Brahma spoke with Pushkara. So he accepted to stay with Bruhaspathi when he enters particular Zodiac sign  of the respective River for the first 12 days and last 12 days in the rivers stated by Lord Brahma.
It takes 12 years for Bruhaspathi (Jupiter) to complete one turn in al…