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Light weight crochet scarf

A crochet  scarf with an easy pattern. I have another blog post about simple crochet scarf. Nearest to that pattern but the gap between crotchets is wider to make it light weight. The pattern is in multiples of 5. Here I used 30 chains. So you can extend the width of the scarf in multiples of 5. 

For first row do 36 chains.
Second row: Leave 6 chains and in the 7 th chain do 1 double crochet, do 4 chains in the 5th chain 1 double crochet and continue to the end.

Third row: Do 6 chains and do 1 double crochet from the 5th chain of the previous row. Again 4 chains from the 5 the chain of the previous row do 1 double crochet. Continue to the end. 
I have prepared 90 rows. You can do it as lengthy you need. 
A thin crochet scarf to wear in light winter weather.

Kamakshi Temple at Kancheepuram.

Kamakshi temple is one of the prominent Hindu temples and it is one of the fifity one shaktipeetas. It is situated at Kancheepuram, Tamilnadu. The diety in this temple is Kamakshi a form of Parvathi. This is the only temple of Parvathi in Kancheepuram.
Ayodhya, Madhura, Gaya, Kaasi, Kanchi, Avanthika Puri, Dvaravathi Shaiva sapthaithe mokshadayini.
Above poem is of the names of seven Moksha Nagarams out of which Kanchi is the only one situated in  South India. In the name Kamakshi , Ka represents Godess Saraswathi, Ma represents Godess Lakshmi and Akshi means Eyes.  Kamakshi is having  Lakhmi and Saraswathi as its eyes.

The godess  done penace by sitting on the tip of the needle sorrounded by Pancha Agni's (Five holy fires) to be freed from livelihood. The Godess Kamakshi is in a sitting position in a lotus flower, the posture called padmasana.This place is called gayatri mandapa. She  holds sugar cane, bow on her left arm and 5 flowers and parrot on her right arm.  All the poojas per…

Varadaraja Swamy Temple, Chennai

Varadaraja swamy Temple is one of the most popular Vishnu temples in Kancheepuram, Tamilnadu.  This temple is also called Vishnu Kanchi or Perumal Koil. It is on Hastagiri (elephant Hill) and it has dieties of Varadaraja swamy and Perundevi. Another importance of this temple is it has beautifully carved Gold and Silver plated lizards, sun and moon on the ceiling attached to the main temple which was installed by Indra the King of Gods. This temple is very famous for the lizard. When a lizard falls it has some evil effects to us and  it is believed that if we touch this golden lizard shrine any evil  effects are forbidded. The diety of Varadaraja Swamy is in standing position and this is second biggest idol of Tirumala Tirupathi Venkateswara Swamy temple. The three temples Eekambaranathar, Kamakshi and Varadaraja swamy are called as abode of trio (Mumurtivasam).
The story behind this temple is once Lord Brahma was doing Ashvamedha Yaaga in Kancheepuram without Saraswathi his consort. Go…

Alivelu Mangapuram Temple

Trichanoor, Sri Padmavathi Ammavari temple is situated 5 Kms fro Tirupathi. It is also called as Alamelu Mangapuram , one of the important  temples  in Tirupathi . It is 3rd temple in the sequence of temples to be visited in Tirupathi. (Checkout my other article, Tirumala Tirupathi). 
Sri Padmavathi is the divine consort of Lord Venkateswara. The history behind the Padmavathi Temple is  Once Brugu Maharshi insulted Lord Vishnu by kicking him  with his feet, then Lord Vishnu forgives him, but Godess Lakshmi got angry and went to patalaloka. Then a divine voice heard to her that there is pushkarini on the banks of river Swarna mukhi.
For 12 years she went into penance and in the 13th year she came out from Pushkarini sitting in a lotus flower on Panchami thithi Kartheeka Masam, Uttarashada Nakshatram. As she came out from a lotus flower she is called as Padmavathi who is the Goddess Lakshmi herself.
Sri Padmavathi is the daughter of Aakasha Raja. Lord Venkateswara married Padmavathi and st…