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Jaganath Temple, Puri.

Lord Jaganath temple is situated  at Puri, Orissa. Orissa is a state near Bay of Bengal, the eastren sea coast of India. There are 3 prominent temples in this state. The Lord Jaganath Temple at Puri, Sun Temple at Konark and Lingaraj Temple at Bhubaneswar. These are called the Golden Triangle of Orissa. The Jaganath Temple at Puri is one of the prominent Hindu temples of India. It is one of the temple of char dam Yatra. It is also called as Sri Mandira. The Lord Jaganath means God of Universe. 
The temple premises is vast with four gates on four sides namely
East Gate: Lions Gate. Western Gate: Tiger Gate. North Gate: Elephant Gate. South Gate: Horse Gate.

The presiding deities in the temple are Lord Balabhadra, Godess Subhadra and Lord Jaganatha. The three deities are known as Trimurti. The trio are seated on a pedestal called Ratnadevi in the sanctum . The idols are made of neemwood. Along with these three Sudharshan is also worshipped as chaturdha murthy.
According to Bhagavata Purana,  t…