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Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple, Kadiri.

Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple is situated in Kadiri mandal, Ananthapur District. This temple is one of  the prominent  Narasimha Swamy temples of South India. The idol Laksmi Narasimha swamy is Swayabhu ( came itself out of earth) with Ashta Bahu (eight hands). The temple is constructed during the period of Vijayanagara empire.
The name of the town Kadiri has got importance with the temple. First, in the name of Khadiri, "kha" means the foot of Vishnu and "Adri" means a Hill.  Second, Kadiri is a type of wood and the dieties of the temple were made of this kadiri wood. Third, the deity was originally found under a Kadiri tree in the midst of jungle of Kadiri trees. 

The Kadiri Stalapurana contains 767 Slokas in 13 chapters and it was published by temple authorities. According to the stalapurana  Lord Narasimha Swamy tore the belly of Hiranyakasipu with his sharp claws at Narasimha Konda and manifested himself in the present town. Lord Narasimha here also known a…

Babies on the move

About babies: I had a post previously about babies,their growth and development (Enjoy...Struggle, Development and Growth of Baby).
This is the continuation of that post. For the first six months babies lay down on the bed and roll over but cannot move. They learn and develop on their own with their commitment and dedication. From 7 months they can able to crawl, hold the furniture and cruise along the house. They reach near an object. They become more mobile. 
They are on the way in exploring this new world. The later part of the first year is entirely opposite of what has been for the first six months. How excited and interested they are in exploring the things. They want to touch every object to feel the texture as everything is completely new for them and everything ends up in their mouth.  As they crawl they can able to find tiny objects on the floor, which we cannot see and they put them in their mouth. They clap hands if they find anything interesting. 
They want to drop everythin…