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Sugarush Hand Bag

Sugarush hand bags are stylish and spacious. A hand bag is a necessary accessory for every women. There are so many things we carry along with us while going out. When we are looking for a handbag we consider many things like look, comfort, number of zippers, size, inside space, quality, brand. It will be difficult to get all we need and so the search will be endless.    Though I never heard about this Sugarush brand before, Iam happy with this bag after I received it from The actual price shown as 2,199 rupees. The bag looks stylish and had a branded look.  The  packing from Amazon 

  A stylish hand bag with one bigpocket, small outer pocket and three inner pockets. The inner cloth looks good.   The Sugarush comes in trendy designs and it has a comfy and elegant look.

The Polka dots,
Bubblegum striped,
Floral designs,
Pastel designs.

It has wallets, satchels and totes.

Along with it circle shaped bags looks so cute to take some quick accessories with us. Just w…

Sri Chalukya Kumara Rama Bhimeswara Swamy Temple

The Chalukya Kumara Rama Bhimeswara Swamy Temple is located in Samarlakot at a distance of 12 kms from Kakinada, East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. It is one of  the prominent temples of Lord Shiva, Pancharama Kshetramulu. (See other blogpost about the history Pancharama Kshetramulu) The main shrine in this temple is Lord Shiva along with Consort Bala Thripurasundari. The name of the temple is Kumara rama because the shrine of Lord Shiva has been established by Kumara Swamy, the son of Lord Shiva.  This temple has been constructed during the Chalukya Dynasty. During the period 872 AC to 921 AC  the King named First Chalukya Bhima Nrupala ruled the kingdom with Kumara Rama as capital. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. He made some constructions in this temple and was very fond of Lord Shiva in this temple. And so the deity, Lord Shiva here is named after the king and is called as Bhimeswara Swamy. The shrine Bhimeswara swamy is tall and is pierced from the roof to the 2nd …