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Sri Kodandarama Swami Temple, Vontimitta, Kadapa

Sri Kodandarama Swamy temple in Ekasilanagaram, Vontimitta is an ancient temple with beautiful architecture. The main idols are Sita Rama and Lakshmana without Anjaneya (only temple of Rama without Anjaneya). It is 24 kilo meters from Kadapa towards Tirupathi. The temple is just beside the road and passers cannot move forward without visiting the temple.
This is a most prominent Vaishnava temple and centre of Adhiseshu along with Devuni Kadapa and  Ahobilam.The hills starting from Srisailam to Tirupathi is in the shape of Adhiseshu (see my other post in this blog Tirumala Tirupathi)  As this is situated in between Srisailam and Tirupathi it is also called as Srimadontimitta.
This temple is an ancient temple constructed between and 11th and 16 century, which is done in 3 phases. It depicts the style of  Vijayanagara Empire architecture. The temple is decorated with pictures showing the Hindu scriptures Ramayana, Mahabharata and Sri Bhagavatham. The temple has four entrance east,west nort…