Ahobila Kshetra Mahatyam.

Lord Narasimha Swamy is the shortest and Instant  Incarnation  of Lord Vishnu. Ahobilam is a Narasimha Kshetram situated in Kurnool District Andhrapradesh. It is 68 Kms from Nadhyala Town. Ahobila Kshetramulu  is a group of temples located on Ahobilam hills . There are temples at
1.Upper Ahobilam
2.Nava Narasimha Kshetramulu.
3.Lower Ahobilam.
The Upper or Eguva Ahobilam:It is situated   on Ahobilam hills also called as Garudachala and Vedhachala. These two hills are said to be the separation of the pillar from where Narasimha Swamy came out to kill Hiranyakasipu.
The main idol in this temple is Ugra Narasimha Swamy.  Also called as Ahobalam Narasimha Swamy or Prahlada Varada Swamy or Obulesudu.  It is a Swambhu temple where Lord Narasimha came himself as per the wish of Prahlada. 
 There is an idol of ChenchuLakshmi near the temple, the consort of the Lord Narasimha Swamy and a Sri Chakra has been established near the temple.
There are 10 Incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The Narasimha Swamy is …

LIVE EVERY​ DAY Writing A Bullet Journal.

Live Every Day Writing A Bullet Journal. After 3 months of writing the B ullet Journal I can see myself organised than before. Initially I felt I don't have time to write all that plan but when I started writing it helped me to be organised. Spend 10 minutes every day, 30 minutes a month and 1 hour a year in writing Bullet Journal, and it keeps you organised and helps you achieve your goals in time.

If you write a Bullet Journal (see my other post on how to write a Bullet Journal )

1.You have lists of tasks written on paper then,  you don't waste your time on what to do and concentrate on your work. 
2.It will be an inspiration in doing things because you have year planner written and you have your to do list with you. If you open the book you can see how much you have done and it makes you work.
3.If you write the time it takes to complete a task, then you don't postpone things just for no reason. You have the feel that every task is easy.
4.It helps in mindful living. When yo…

What is a Bullet Journal

Do you like planning ahead? Did you ever imagine planning your complete year. Did you tried anything like that before? Then here is a post from my blog on Bullet Journal the concept of planning.
In today's digital world with mobiles and apps writing  something on a paper became a rare thing. This concept of Bullet Journal is interesting which is a method of planning by writing it on a book.
A Bullet Journal is an Yearly Planner, to do list, habit tracker,   and you can have an year ahead of your goals and your entire plan. This helps you to do things on time without any hurry.

The Bullet Journal is an analog system in this digital world by Ryder Carroll. It helps in being organised and planned.
To write a Bullet Journal you just need  a pen and a book. If you browse Pinterest or Instagram you can find lots of colourful images and doodles. Newbies get overwhelmed by seeing that. But it is all the extra decoration for a new look.
The method of writing a Bullet Journal goes as follows:

Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple Simhachalam

Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple is situated in Simahachalam, 15k ms from Visakhapatnam.
The main idol of this temple is Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy. Lakshmi is the consort of Narasimha Swamy. There are 10 Incarnations of Lord Vishnu.  Varaha is the third and Narasimha is the Fourth  incarnation. The idol in this temple is the combination of two incarnations of Lord Vishnu.
The history of Simahachalam temple links back to Purana's and there are some interesting facts about this history. Those facts goes as:
There was a demon called Hiranyakasipu. Prahlada was the son of the demon King Hiranyakasipu.  Prahlada was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. Being a demon Hiranyakasipu did not like that.  He forced him to stop worshipping Vishnu and punished him severely. There are four places where he punished his son. They are:
2.Kruthasoucham 3.Harampapam 4.Ahobalam.
At Visakhapatnam sea Hiranyakasipu threw a big Mountain on Prahlada and Lord Narasimha came from Va…

10 best Things Being a Homemaker

Do you stay at home? Do you want to have a productive day? Then here is a post from my blog on 10 best ways you can  do to utilise your time being at home.
 I stay at home and I utilise my time productively. I don't want my day to go just like that without doing anything. For me the day should be packed with lots of things to do. The day does not go dull and bored if there is some activity to get occupied and keep the mind active.I plan my day ahead and write To do list for whatever I want to do. 
Spending time productively is subjective and everyone has their own way to do that.  You can jumpstart your day  if you have a plan and there are lot many things to do. Here is my list of 10 things you can do being at home. 
Here are top 10 things I know to utilise the time you have at home.
Learn new language: There are online apps and websites to learn new languages. we can learn basics of new languages through online. Here are a few of them, BBC,
Do O…

Amaramalingeswara Swamy Temple, Guntur

Amararamalingeswara Swamy temple is situated in Guntur Andhrapradesh. It is one of the Pancharma Kshetras.  
The main idol of this temple is Lord Shiva. The Shiva Linga is 15 feet height white marble. As the height of the Shivalinga is increasing a nail has been inserted on the top it. Then blood oozed out of the Shivalinga. The red blood mark can be seen even now.
The temple was built by Sathavahanas during the 3rd century. Amaravathi was once called as Dharanikota or Dhanyakatakam. And the last of Shathavahanas, Gouthamiputhra Shathakarni ruled South India with Dharanikota as capital.
The temple is on the banks of River Krishna and is sitauted on the hill called Krounchagiri. So the waters of Krishna cannot enter the temple. 

The Shivalinga was established by Lord Indra. So it is named as Amararama,in the name of Lord Indra's kingdom Amaravathi.
The consort of the Lord Shiva is Bala Chamundika. The temple was built  in two stairs and we cannot see the base of the Shivalinga. The Abhi…

Ksheeraramalingeswara Swamy Temple, Palakollu

The Ksheeraramalingeswara Swamy Temple, is situated in Palakollu, West Godavari District, Andhrapradesh. It is one of the  Pancharama Kshetras. (see other post about Pancharama Kshetras).
The main idol in this temple is Lord Shiva, called as Ksheeraramalingeswara Swamy. It was established by Lord Vishnu. The colour of the Shivalinga is Milky white in Colour. The Shivalinga can be seen from all the four windows.
The temple is constructed during 9th  Century AD at the time Chalukya Dynasty. The first King Chalukya Bheema constructed this temple.

 The temple Gopuram is 120ft height with 9 floors and there is a staircase inside gopuram to climb to the top of the tower. This  is the Tallest Gopuram among the temples in Andhra Pradesh. 

There are other 5 Ganapathi temples situated around the main temple they are named as
1.Kumara Ganapathi 2. Santhana Ganapathi 3.Stapitha Ganapathi 4.Bala Ganaparhi 5.Runahara Ganapathi.
The Runahara Ganapthi temple is situated beside the main temple. It is believed t…