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Jaganath Raytha Yatra

Today 18th July 2014. Aashada sudha vidiya,  called as jagannatha kshetre radhotsva.
Lord Jaganatha is the Avathar of Lord krishna. Jaganatha temple is situated at Puri, Orissa State of India.
The Jaganath Rath Yatra (Chariot Festival) is a huge festival  performed on this day with the 3 main dieties Jaganatha Swamy (Lord Krishna), Lord Balarama and Subhadra. Lord Balarama is the brother of Lord Krishna . The Subadra here is  Maya Devi, who is called with 12 names like Bhadra, Subhadra, Badra kali....
There is a story behind Maya Devi: Kamsa is a demon king and  the brother of Devakidevi (Lord Krishna's mother). He wants to kill all the children  his sister gives birth to because of the threat he has from her children. In the process he kills 6 children. Then when Devaki devi was pregnant at the 7 th time this Maya Devi transfers the child from her womb to Rohini's womb and that child is Balarama. When Devakidevi delivers the eighth child(Lord Krishna), Mayadevi will be in the wom…

What is on 19th June 2014?

Today 19th June 2014 is jyeshta Bahula Saptami.
According to hindu calender Yamuna nadi Pushkaralu starts from this day. 
The meaning of pushkaram  is "one which purifies".Pushkaram is a festival in India where rivers are worshipped. It occurs once in 12 years for each of the 12 rivers.  It starts on the day when jupiter enters into the zodiac sign of the respective river and ends when it moves out of that zodiac sign. 
Yamuna, is the largest river originated from Yamunotri and crosses several states and passes through Delhi  before merging with Ganges at Triveni Sangamam, Allahabad. This river is associated with Lord Krishna, when he was born Vasudeva took him to Repalle by crossing the river where the river gives way to him as he is carrying Lord Krishna.

Yamuna river zodiac sign is cancer. This year yamuna pushkarams starts on 19th June when the Jupiter enter into karkataka raasi (Cancer)  and ends on 30th June.  It is believed that a holy dip taken in the river on the days o…

What is on 13th June 2014

Today's importance according to Hindu Calender.

Today is Jyeshta  Pournami. 15th day Jyeshta Month.

EEruvaaka Pournami and Savithri Vratham are performed on this day.
Eruvaaka is related to farmers. Eruvaka meaning Plough, a wooden part used to plow the fields by the farmers. As the Rainy Season starts now with the rain water the earth will be ready for farming. Today Farmers decorate the Ox and feed them with  rice and perform pooja to it. Farmers feel this as an auspicious day and celebrate the festival.
Savithri Vratham --- A puja performed to Savitri and Santyavanta idols  by married woman for the well being of their husbands.On this day women observe fasting and Jagaram and Listen to Savithri story who saved her husband Satyavanta  from  Yama ( God of death ) who carries away her husband to death.

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The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles a book written 100 years ago.   The title attracted me to go into the details of the book  and started  listening to this audio book. 
 It has 17 chapters and can be listened within a span of  2 hours. I started listening to this book after first 2 chapters why we need to be rich and meaning of being rich. It says, there is a scientific way to get rich and to be rich is not just earning money and enjoying worldly pleasures but it is helping yourself and others. Later it goes on with the Principle of the Scientific Way of Getting Rich. 
Some of the interesting points which got my attention
Be Creative and not Competitive in your work. As competing with others always distracts our mind from what we do. With this we will be in a hurry to do the work with the fear of failure or feeling that someone steals our success.
There is a certain way to do the work  and do it in that way with the available resources.  Maximum utilization of what we have…

What is on 12th June 2014.

Today 12th June 2014 is Jyeshta Sudha Chaturdasi.
Today is called Champaka Chaturdasi according to aamodar Jyothishi. 

Chaturvarga Chintamani is a book about vratas. According to this book Vayu Vratam is performed on this day.

According to Smruthi Kausthubamu Rudra Vratham is also performed on this day.

11th June 2014, Vidyaranya Aaradhana Day

Today's Festival according to Telugu Calender.
Today 11th June 2014 is Jyeshta Suddha Thrayodasi.
Today is Vidyaranya Aaradhana Day ( he reached videha mukti on this day).
The actual name of Vidyaranya is Madhava, born to Srimati Devi and Maayanacharya. Later when he took Sanyasa he is named as Vidyaranya Swamy. He is a great saint, Hindu Philosopher and an exponent of Advaitha philosphy of Hinduism. He is the person who established VijayaNagara dynasty with Harihara raya and Bukkaraya with the blessing of Godess Bhuvaneswari Devi. 
He is the 12th  Jagadguru of Sringeri Sharadha Peetham. The sharada idol brough by adi sankara to Sringeri is of sandal wood idol. Later Vidyaranaya transformed that idol into Pancha Loha Vigraham. Even now everyday Abhishekam is conducted to this Pancha Loha idol.
Another interesting fact is that Vidyateerthulu is the Guru of Vidyaranya swamy. The Guru asked Vidyaranya to make him sajiva samadhi and keep it as it is for 12 years and after 12 years the Guru…

20 minutes Home Made Pizza

Pizza is an oven baked flat bread which is originated in Italy. Pizza base is available in the super markets and if you have a microwave then get some vegetables, sauce and Cheese. Now preparing the Pizza at home is quick and easy. Here goes the procedure 
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Ingredients: Pizza base: 1 Tomatoes: 1 (sliced) Onion: 1 (sliced) Capsicum: 1/2 (sliced) Cheese: small cup(grated) Hot chilli Sauce. Oil: 1/2 tsp
Place the Pizza base on the baking tray.
Spread 1/2 tsp olive oil on it.

Pour Sauce evenly on the base. You can use any sauce depending upon your taste. Hot chilli sauce gives pizza a spicy taste.
Place the sliced vegetables on the pizza base Here I have used Onions, Tomatoes, Capsicum or Bell Pepper of green red and yellow and still you can add paneer, olives, Jalapenos etc. and spread the grated cheese evenly on it.
Place it in the microwave for 10 minutes.
Serve hot and enjoy a happy evening.
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Happy Baking.

Govindaraja Swamy Temple

Govindaraja Swamy Temple is one of the most famous Temples to be visited in Tirupati. It is situated at foot hills of Tirupati and is nearest to the Railway Station. It is last in the sequence of  main temples to be visited in Tirupati (see the temple sequence in my other article Tirumala Tirupathi).

Govindarajulu  is the elder brother of Lord Venkateswara. The shrine is big and is in a reclining position.   It is believed that Lord Govindarajulu sleeps with the measure for gauging money under his head as a cushion.  Lord Govindarajulu took loan from Kubera (God of Wealth) to perform Lord Venkateswara's marriage and he  spents his day counting money received by his brother venkateswara to pay interest on the loan he received from kubera. This interest is paid throughout the Kaliyuga. All the offerings made to Lord Venkateswara will go as interest to Lord Kubera. Another interesting fact about this temple is Abhishekam or Celestial Bath is not conducted to the diety as it is made of…

How to crochet a Granny Square Bag

Granny Square Bag---- A four block traditional granny square joined  into a good looking hand bag. It takes some time to prepare this Granny Square bag. I want to desgin a bag on my own and with granny squares in my mind I have started extending it with some single crochets and finally got a pattern. I did not completed it on one go as it requires much time, so was doing it whenever I find some time to do that. Here is the detailed pattern with photos.
Things you need:
Wool: 3 colours Crochets needle: 5.5 mm hook Sewing needle and thread Scissors.
Prepare 8 granny squares.  4 squares for front and 4 for back side of the bag.You can see the granny square pattern in my other post. (Granny Square Pattern). I have used blue and white colours.

Take red colour yarn, crochet 6 chains and join with slip stitch. Do 3 chains, 2 double crochet from the circle. 3 chains 3 double crochet,  3 chains 3 double crochet and again 3 chains 3 double crochet. Join with slip stitch. This pattern is like…

Carrot Parata

Carrot parathas can be prepared in two ways. Previously I had a post in my blog Carrot Stuffed Paratha. Here goes another way of  preparing Carrot paratha,  quick and easy method.
Preparation time: 30 minutes Serves: 4 persons
Ingredients: Carrot : 2cups (grated) Wheat Flour: 2 cups Green chillies: 6( finely chopped) Ginger: small piece (finely chopped) Cumin powder: 1tsp Salt to taste. Oil to knead the flour and cook paratha
Take a large bowl with wheat flour, add grated carrot, chopped green chillies, chopped ginger, cumin powder and salt.

Mix the wheat flour with the above carrot mix, and knead it into a soft dough pouring  water as needed. As carrot already consists of water little water is enough to prepare the dough.

Prepare small balls with the dough. Take one ball sprinkle wheat flour on it and roll with a rolling pin into a small circle. Grease oil to it. Fold it two times and it forms a triangle.You can be see the procedure with photos on other post in my blog Butter Roti.

Carrot Halwa or Gajar ka Halwa

Carrot halwa or Gajar ka halwa is the most popular sweet prepared with very less time. This is prepared  with Carrot sugar, milk, cashew nuts and raisins. A tasty and delicious recipe. 
Preparation time: 15 minutes Serves: 2 persons
Ingredients: Carrot : 1 cup Sugar: 1/2 cup Milk: 1 cup Cashew Nuts: 6 Raisins: 4
Grate the Carrot and keep it in a bowl.

Take a kadai add 1/2 tsp ghee.  Add cashew nuts when it is half roasted add raisins. Take them into a bowl.
 Add 1 tsp ghee and add grated carrot. Saute it for a minute and add milk. Let it boil and add sugar. Boil it till all the milk is absorbed and carrot is cooked. Now add cashew nuts and raisins.
Take it into a serving bowl and serve hot.
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Happy Cooking.