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Somaramam, Bheemavaram

Someswara JanardhanaSwamy Temple, one of the five Pancharama Kshetras  is situated in Gunipudi, a small village in Bhimavaram, West Godavari District. The main idol here is Lord Shiva and the Shiva linga changes its colour according to The Lunar month. 
This temple is constructed by the Chalukya Bhima King and the city was named after him as Bhimapuram. Later the name changed to Bhimavaram.
The Shivalinga here is established by Moon God. The idol is very small as aginst the Kumararamam and Draksharamam where they are 12 feet high.
The speciality of this Shivalinga is it changes its colour according to Moon.  On Full Moon day (pournami) it is in white colour and gradually it changes its colour according to the phase of the Moon. On half moon day(Amavasya) it turns to black with white spots on it.
The main consort of Lord Shiva Godess Rajarajeswari devi temple is situated beside the main temple.
There is a temple of Annapurna Devi on the first floor above the Somarama temple. The idol has a …