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Palak dal or Palakoora pappu

Spinash Dal An authentic Andhra recipe with spinach and dal as main ingredients. Both Spinach and dal are rich in protiens particularly for those adopting a vegetarian diet. It can be eaten both by rice and Indian flat bread also called Chapathi or Roti.
Cooking time 45 minutes. Serves:4 persons.
 Ingredients:  Tur dal : 1 cup  Spinach: 1 cup (wash and slice)  Tamrind: small piece  Green chillies : 2 (sliced) Red chilli powder ( 1 spoon)  Turmeric powder: a small pinch Salt to taste. For Seasoning:  Mustard seeds - 1 tsp  Jeera seeds - 1tsp  Urad dal- 1tsp  Red chilli-1 Hing-  a pinch Oil- 2tsp
Cook tur dal till becomes soft or pressure cook it for 3 whistles. Add spinach leaves, green chillies turmericpowder and tamrind and keep on flame till spinach leaves are cooked.  Now add salt and red chilli powder. ( If you don't eat much spicy food no need to add red chilli powder)  Take Kadai add oil and mustard seeds. After mustard seed splutters add jeera seed , green chilli and hing. Ga…

Hair rubber bands

How to sew hair rubber on your with a piece of cloth and elastic.Here is the process woth images.  Take a piece of cloth.  Cut the piece in the length wise as show above.  Fold it to half  start stiching upto the center of the cloth  leave some gap in the middle and stitch reamining cloth to the end.  Turn the cloth inside out from the middle.  Now take an elastic  insert the elastic inside the stiched cloth with saftey pin  Join the elastic Hair rubber band.