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Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Temple , Zaheerabad.

Sri siddi vinayaka temple is at Rejinthal, Zaheerabad, Medak district, Telengana. It  is nearer to Hyderabad and is at a distance of 108 kilometers. Zaheerabad was previously called Pedda Ekkheli. It was later named as Zaheerabad by the name of  the paigah nawab,  Zaheerabad Yar Jung.The idol in the temple is Vinayaka (Lord Ganesha) called as Siddhi Vinayaka.
The temple though looks like recently built it has a history of 207 years. The H.H. Shiva Ram Bath  Jyoshi of Maharashtra prayed Lord Ganesh  in this place while he was on the way to Tirupathi. Pleased with his prayers Lord Ganesha came out of the earth in that place as Siddi Vinayaka. The name siddhi indicates success. People who visit this temple are granted success.
The idol in this temple is a svayambhu (came itself from earth). The idol is beautiful which is of rock and decorated with sandalwood paste.  Lord  Siddhi Vinayaka faces south side and this is the only temple of lord Ganesha facing south side across India.  Another spe…

Crochet bottle cover.

Crochet bottle cover is prepared with basic single crochet in just 30 minutes. It is easy to crochet than sew the bottle cover. Anyone with basic crochet skills or who knows to crochet a cap can do this easily.    
Things needed:
Wool 2 Colours Crochet needle (I used 5.5mm Hook)
1st round: Do 3 chains and slip stitch to make a circle.
2nd round: Do 6 single crochet from the middle and join with slip stitch.
3rd round : From each string do 2 single crochet to form a total of 12 single crochets and complete with a slip stitch.
4th round: From each string do 2 single crochet to form a total of 24 single crochets. 
You can check whether it fits properly by keeping near the bottle base. If you still need a big size  you can  increase in the same proportion.

With this the increasing rounds are completed. Now do as many rounds as you need to cover the bottle. I have done 15 rounds as it is for a small bottle.
Finish it off with a design using a contrast colour.
Finishing design pattern: 
To st…