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10 best Things Being a Homemaker

Do you stay at home? Do you want to have a productive day? Then here is a post from my blog on 10 best ways you can  do to utilise your time being at home.
 I stay at home and I utilise my time productively. I don't want my day to go just like that without doing anything. For me the day should be packed with lots of things to do. The day does not go dull and bored if there is some activity to get occupied and keep the mind active.I plan my day ahead and write To do list for whatever I want to do. 
Spending time productively is subjective and everyone has their own way to do that.  You can jumpstart your day  if you have a plan and there are lot many things to do. Here is my list of 10 things you can do being at home. 
Here are top 10 things I know to utilise the time you have at home.
Learn new language: There are online apps and websites to learn new languages. we can learn basics of new languages through online. Here are a few of them, BBC,
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