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The History Of Rameswaram And Nearby Places.

Rameswaram, a small town in Pamban Island is a famous shiva temple and one of the Dwadasa (12) Jyothirlingas . Rameshwaram has been separated from main land India by sea waters.
The city of Rameshwaram is in the shape of a Conch. The place is  considered very auspicious and no agriculture, pottery is done here. The main diety here is Lord Shiva and his consort Godess Parvathavardhini who is on the right side of Lord Shiva. There is a Sri chakra established in the temple. The Abhishekam is conducted from the water brought from Koti Theerthamu.

The Pamban Bridge: The connection between Rameswaram and the mainland India is only through Pamban bridge. It is India's first sea bridge with 2 kms distance from mainland India to Rameswaram.      The bridge opens up in the middle for the boats and ships to go underneath  and it is a visual treat to watch that moment. It was commissioned on Feb 24 in 1914. Later in 1988 a road bridge  is constructed on the sea and it is called as Indira Gandhi …