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Sri Mandeswara (Saneswara) Swamy Temple, Mandapalli

Sri Mandeswara Swamy (Saneswara) Swamy Temple is a famous Siva Temple sitauted in  Mandapalli, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh.
Lord Siva is the main idol of the temple which was installed by Lord Sani (Saturn). Lord Sani atoned the sin of Brahmahatya by installing and adoring Lord Siva. As the idol of Siva has been installed by Lord Sani, Lord Eswara is popularly known as Saneswara.
 Till oil Abhishekam is genereally done  to Lord Sani. As this Siva Linga has been installed by Lord Sani here Til oil Abhishekam is done to Siva Linga and no other Siva Linga will be having Til oil Abhishekam. 
The Mandapalli Kshetra Mahtyam goes as follows:
Once there were two demons namely Ashwatha and Pippala. They both used to move in disguise, Ashvatha in the form of a ravi Tree and Pippala in the form of Brahmana. Both used to destroy the yagnas performed by the rishis and they used to eat the Brahmanas who comes to the forest. Then the Rishis asked  Lord Sani the son of Lord Surya to kill the D…