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Enjoy...Struggle, Development and Growth of Baby

A new born baby........looks so cute. It is an amazing and wonderful experience to observe baby development stages.
I find it  interesting to observe baby development day to day and am following some websites,, to have an understanding about what changes will be in the next month. As I read in the websites prior so I can observe very minor changes in the baby development.
The first thing babies do when they were born is to start crying but to my astonishment I came to know that they don't get tears until they complete 3 months. In the first month baby sleeps for 22 hours a day and cannot respond to others. From second month day time sleep gets reduced and they learn to move hands and legs by third month they learn to smile and start responding to others.
I disagree with the opinion of many people that babies lives are happy as they don't have any hindrances in their life and somebody will take care of them. By perceiving baby growt…