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Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple, Arthagiri.

Anjaneya swamy temple arthagiri is 15 kms from kanipakam.  Arthagiri is in Arakonda village, Thavanampalli Mandal, Chitoor district. Arthagiri means half of the mountain. In Telugu language Artha means half and Giri means mountain.

The history of this temple links to Ramayana period. During Rama Ravana war Lakshmana fell unconsciousness with the weapon named "Shakthi" used by Ravana. Then Sushena a Vanara who is familiar with medicnal plants asked Anjaneya to bring "Sanjeevani" medicinal plant from Sanjeevani mountain which is in Himalayas. Hanuman cannot recognise the Sanjeevani plant so he lifted the whole mountain.  While carrying the mountain a piece of mountain fell down in this place and it is called Arthagiri. 

The water falls from that piece of mountain is called Sanjeevaraya Pushkarini. The water in that Pushkarini never get dried or spoiled and it contains medicinal values. So drinking that water removes all diseases. It is believed that rishis and gods use…