Ahobila Kshetra Mahatyam.

Ahobila Kshetra Mahatyam

Lord Narasimha Swamy is the shortest and Instant  Incarnation  of Lord Vishnu. Ahobilam is a Narasimha Kshetram situated in Kurnool District Andhrapradesh. It is 68 Kms from Nadhyala Town. Ahobila Kshetramulu  is a group of temples located on Ahobilam hills . There are temples at

1.Upper Ahobilam
Nava Narasimha Kshetramulu.
3.Lower Ahobilam.

The Upper or Eguva Ahobilam: It is situated   on Ahobilam hills also called as Garudachala and Vedhachala. These two hills are said to be the separation of the pillar from where Narasimha Swamy came out to kill Hiranyakasipu.

The main idol in this temple is Ugra Narasimha Swamy.  Also called as Ahobalam Narasimha Swamy or Prahlada Varada Swamy or Obulesudu.  It is a Swambhu temple where Lord Narasimha came himself as per the wish of Prahlada. 

 There is an idol of ChenchuLakshmi near the temple, the consort of the Lord Narasimha Swamy and a Sri Chakra has been established near the temple.

There are 10 Incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The Narasimha Swamy is the fourth incarnation which is a Shortest and Instant Incarnation to kill the demon Hiranyakasipu. This incarnation has the combination of two emotions Love and Fury which were shown at a time. The demon Hiranyakasipu was afraid and Prahlada was in  a blissful state when they see the Narasimha Avatara. It is a  Man Lion Avatar half man and half lion which pierced out of a pillar.

Vishnu came to earth in the form of Narasimha (Man Lion) to save Prahlada and kill the demon king Hiranyakasipu. The God came out of a pillar and killed him by placing him on his thighs. Ahobalam is the place where Narasimha killed Hiranyakasipu. This is the place for The Prahlada Charitra in Srimad Bhagavatam.

Ahobila Mahatyam.:

In Kruta Yuga After killing Hiranyakasipu Lord Narasimha  is in Ugra Rupa (anger). To make Narasimha calm down Lord Shiva prayed him with Mantraraja Pada Stotram.

In Tretayuga Lord Srirama during his exile period while searching Sita Devi visited Ahobilam and prayed Narasimha with Narasimha Pancharma Stotram.

In Dwaparayuga the Pancha Pandava's visited Ahobilam and offered prayers to Narasimha.

In Kaliyuga the Laddu's prepared for Lord Venkateswara and Padmavathi marriage were offered to Ahobila Narasimha Swamy as Special Prasadam. This was  held on Vilambi year Vaishaka Sudha Dasami, Friday. Lord Venkateswara visited Ahobilam, established Narasimha idol and performed poojas according to Venkatachala Mahatyam.

The Bhavanasini river is the famous river which is the River Ganga. The Ugra Narasimha Swamy came out as Swayambu on the banks of this Bhavanasini River.

Nava Narasimha Kshetras:

There are nine forms of Narasimha in Ahobala Kshetramulu and so called as Nava Narasimha Kshetram.

The poem goes like this.

Yogananda,Chatrvataha,Paavana Nava Murthayaha.

1.Ahobila Narasimha orUgra Narasimha: The diety Ahobila Narasimha has been with Mahalakshmi. This is the main diety of Ahobilam . It is believed that people used to afraid to face the fierce of Lord Narasimha. If a stack of grass kept before the diety, it would have burnt with in a few minutes because of the Lord's Ugra Rupa, the heat generating from the diety.

2. Sri Kroda Narasimha or Sri Varaha Narasimha:  This temple is situated on the banks of Bhavanasini River. There are two shrines in the temple

1. Sri Varaha Narasimha with Bhudevi

2. Sri Lakshmi Narasimha with Godess Lakshmi.

We can see both Varaha and Narasimha are two incarnations of Dasavathara dieties here at one place.

3. Sri Malola (Lakshmi) Narasimha:
This temple is situated in a small cave on the banks of River Kanakabhaya. The diety in this temple is in graceful form along with Godess Lakshmi. Malola means Godess Lakshmi.

4. Sri Yogananda Narasimha Swamy:
Prahlada had Yogabyasa from Lord Narasimha at this place. So it is called as Yogananda Narasimha.

5. Sri Karanja Narasimha Swamy:
The temple is located under the Karanja (Kanuga) Tree. The diety is seated in meditation holding a bow in his hand. The idol Sri Anjaneyulu is situated beside the main idol.

6. Sri Chatravataha Narasimha Swamy:
A beautiful idol of Lord Narasimha is situated under the Chatrvata Tree with the idol being in a Padmasana posture.

7. Sri Pavana Narasimha Swamy Temple:
This temple is situated near the banks River Pavana. The idol is in a Sukhasana posture under the canopy of Adisesha.

8. Sri Bhargava Narasimha:
This temple is situated near the Bhargava Theertham. It is believed that Sri Bhargava Rama or Parasurama did penance at this place.  There is an Akshaya Theertham which provides water at all times. Vyasa Maharashi who visited this place told that the water from this Akshaya Theertham proctects the Universe. So this is  a sacred river equal to River Ganga. The idol in this temple is shown with two hands tearing the stomach of Hiranyakasipu and with Prahlada at Anjali posture near to him. The Hiranyakasipu is holding a sword in his hand.

9. Sri Jwala Narasimha:
This is the actual spot  where Lord Narasimha anger fierced at peak and tore out Hiranyakasipu.The shrine here is with 10 hands seated on Garudachala Peetam. The two hands has Sankha and Chakra. Two hands hold Hiranyakasipu on his lap with one leg folded and one leg at ease. The remaining hands show tearing out the stomach and intestines of demon Hiranyakasipa. Prahlada is in Anjali Hasta pose to his right. Another shrine shows Lord Narasimha chasing ChenchuLakshmi  who holds a sword and shield in her hand. Another idol shows Lord Narasimha was emerging out of a pillar and ready to kill the demon. The Chenchu tribes visit the shrine regularly especially during festivals.

Lower Ahobilam:
In Lower Ahobilam Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy is in a calm state. This is also called as Prahlada varada. Here the idol in Sukhasana with two hands holding Sankha, Chakara one hand with Mudra and other hand holding SriMahalakshmi who sits on his lap.  This temple is has beautiful architecture which depicts the Vijayanagara Dynasty. There is Vijaya Stambham (Victory Pillar) commemorating the victory from Muslim Occupation.

One of the most famous Narasimha Kshetram to be visited in Andhra Pradesh. 

Happy Pilgrimage.

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