LIVE EVERY​ DAY Writing A Bullet Journal.


Live Every Day Writing A Bullet Journal. After 3 months of writing the B ullet Journal I can see myself organised than before. Initially I felt I don't have time to write all that plan but when I started writing it helped me to be organised. Spend 10 minutes every day, 30 minutes a month and 1 hour a year in writing Bullet Journal, and it keeps you organised and helps you achieve your goals in time.

If you write a Bullet Journal (see my other post on how to write a Bullet Journal )

1.You have lists of tasks written on paper then,  you don't waste your time on what to do and concentrate on your work. 

2.It will be an inspiration in doing things because you have year planner written and you have your to do list with you. If you open the book you can see how much you have done and it makes you work.

3.If you write the time it takes to complete a task, then you don't postpone things just for no reason. You have the feel that every task is easy.

4.It helps in mindful living. When you are planing every day, week, month and year, you know what you are doing, you feel productive, you live every day. Your day won't be messy because you are planning ahead.

Weekly Spread

5.Everything does not always happen as planned. So by writing the weekly spreads you can adjust the work and migrate the tasks to next day depending  how your day is.

6.By doing the habit tracker, filling the habit tracker spread you know how many days you are doing and how many days you missed. So that you can adjust your time accordingly and make it a habit.

7.You don't leave anything unfinished. You can mark a task as completed only if you are done with it.In this way  you can complete your work regularly or if cannot do it in a go you comeback and make sure that the work is finished because your to do list in Bullet Journal is marked as pending. 

 Every individual has their own perspective in doing things. Though the basic format is one  the way it is written differs from person to person. I am one the way working out which suits  for me.  Finally writing a Bullet Journal  helps in being Organised, Planned and you Live Every Day.

Happy Bullet Journaling. Live Every Day.

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