What is a Bullet Journal

Do you like planning ahead? Did you ever imagine planning your complete year. Did you tried anything like that before? Then here is a post from my blog on Bullet Journal the concept of planning.

In today's digital world with mobiles and apps writing  something on a paper became a rare thing. This concept of Bullet Journal is interesting which is a method of planning by writing it on a book.

A Bullet Journal is an Yearly Planner, to do list, habit tracker,   and you can have an year ahead of your goals and your entire plan. This helps you to do things on time without any hurry.

The Bullet Journal is an analog system in this digital world by Ryder Carroll. It helps in being organised and planned.

To write a Bullet Journal you just need  a pen and a book. If you browse Pinterest or Instagram you can find lots of colourful images and doodles. Newbies get overwhelmed by seeing that. But it is all the extra decoration for a new look.

The method of writing a Bullet Journal goes as follows:

Index: Leave the first page for Index. As you start writing, number the pages and note the page numbers in Index page so that you can easily check what is in a particular page.

Year at a glance: Write Year Calendar

Future Log: Write down holidays, birthdays and festivals

Monthly Log: Write down your goals, tasks challenges and note important dates for each month.

Weekly Log: Plan your week ahead. Create a weekly spread page and plan what you do in a week.

Daily log: Write down your to_do list. It is called rapid logging. Just write down what you want to do that day.

Habit tracker: You have some daily habits which you want to track. You can have habit tracker page.

Before starting to write the Bullet Journal you can go and visit the official Bullet Journal website and watch the video. (BulletJournal.com)

This method of planning a year ahead makes you completely organised and helps you complete the tasks and reach your goals in time.

Happy Bullet Journaling.


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