Top Five legit Work from Home Jobs That Pays Genuinely

Work from Home is an attractive word if you want to earn money sitting at home. There  are so many work from home jobs available online. Doing Online Survey is one among them which pays to answer some questions asked by the companies. If you have an internet connection and some patience to answer the questions then definitely you can give them a try. It is difficult to know the legitimate sites which pays genuinely. All survey sites does not accept members from India. You can earn some extra income sitting at home through many of the survey sites. Below are the top 5 paid survey sites that pays genuinely and I am the member of all these sites since 4 years. Though I did not earn big amounts, I can earn shopping vouchers or cash regularly.      


AIP Online Surveys is one of the best websites to take part in surveys. You need to register with our email id and once you register and complete the profiles you get survey invitations. They send it to the email so no hassle of checking the site daily. For each survey they award points ranging from 2 to 50. Each point equals to one rupee. The length of the surveys are reasonable for the award. The minimum cash out threshold is 100 rupees, which is very low and can be attained with in a month or two depending upon the survey invitations you receive. The survey points will expire one year from the date you take the survey and they are removed automatically from your account. So it is advisable to check frequently and redeem the points before expiry. The type of redemption is of shopping vouchers, Flip kart and India Times shopping.

Once we register and complete the profiles, we get surveys to our registered email id. We don't need to login to the site for new surveys. They will send 3 to 4 surveys in a month which ranges from 30 rupees to 150 rupees. The only problem with this site is it takes 28 days to show amount in our account, but it is not a concern for me. Initially it will take few months to cash out as there is a delay in the points to be credited. But once it is stream lined, as we are doing new surveys the old points get credited and we can cash out. The minimum amount to cash out is 400 rupees. This will be either with Flipkart or Accentive Ticket Compliments (ATC). There are specific outlets to redeem ATC vouchers which are mention in the ATC site. like Megamart, Lifestyle etc.   
Toluna--opinions for all, a genuine paid survey site. This is a site not only for surveys, but to voice our opinions as discussions and polls. Once you register in the site and fill the profiles, we can start doing surveys. They will give points for profile completion, and for each completed survey points are credited to our account immediately. We get surveys frequently but the points they give are comparatively low. The points are converted into rupees 1000points equal to 10 rupees. We can redeem to Indiatimes shopping voucher or Flipkart voucher  for 20,000points that is 200 rupees or Paypal 500 rupees. They give sponsored polls, for each poll answered we get 15 points. Recently they have started giving 500 points for the best topic of the month in the discussion and polls.   There is an app to this site and is available for both android and iOS.      

Ipanel online a website which offers surveys. We need to register on the website to take surveys. when we read on the website they yield 1 point for first login in a day. There are two types of surveys Quick Surveys, Online Surveys. Quick Surveys are generally a small questionnaire and give 2 to 3 points per survey. Online Surveys varies from 30 points to 80 points per survey. They credit points for the surveys completed and convert them into rupees.Each Point equals to one rupee. They pay through Paypal and we can select any gift displayed in the site for the points we have. Here is my referral link if your are interested to sing up. It accepts only signups through gmail account. So I suggest you to give only your gmail id if you signup.
Global test market is another company which gives surveys. Once you register and complete profile you get survey invitations to your registered email. They will get market points for each completed survey ranging from 25 points to 150 points. The survey points can be converted into gift vouchers . The conversion of points to rupees depends on which company vouchers you are requesting. They send surveys regularly almost everyday.  This site has an app which supports both IOS and Android. They send you an email link to your email id to download the app.
If you are interested in earning income from work from home register with these sites and earn some income. 

Happy Work from Home.

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