Pancharama Kshetramulu

Pancharama kshetramulu, The five sacred temples of Lord Shiva are located in Andhra Pradesh. The five temples are prominent ancient temples of Lord Shiva and all are established by Devathas (God).

The story behind this Pancharama Kshetra goes like this.

There was a demon namely Hiranyakasipu and he has a son Nimuchi. The Nimuchi's son is the demon Tharakasura. Once Tharakasura did deep penance worshipping Lord Shiva. With the penance Lord Shiva granted him a boon with an Athma Linga. He asked Lord Shiva to grant him a boon that his death should be only in the hands of a small boy, thinking that a small boy cannot do anything so he can live forever. Lord Shiva granted him the boon.    The egocentric demon, Tharkasura started troubling all the people including Devathas.With the boon he is having Devathas cannot can kill him so all of them prayed Lord Shiva to bring an end to this trouble.       Then Lord Shiva's son Kumara Swamy went along with the Devathas and fought with Tharakasura. Lord Vishnu told Kumara Swamy to broke the Shiva Linga first and establish them immediately where they fell down otherwise the pieces get united again to form Shiva linga. Tharakasura dies only after breaking the shivalinga. Kumara Swamy killed Tharakasura. The Athma Linga broke into 5 pieces. Gods established those five pieces of Shiva Linga in five places which are  called the Pancharama Kshetralu.
Here are the list of Pancharama Kshetramulu.    

5. Amararamam (Amaravathi, Guntur) established by  Lord Indra.
  Except Amaravathi which is in Guntur remaining four temples are nearer to Kakinada and one can visit all the four temples in one day. 
Happy Piligrimage.

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