How to crochet a pouch for mobile.

Crochet Pouch for mobile____ Having a separate pouch to carry mobile is always a good option and that too if the mobile is in big size, like mine, 5 inch mobile. I have attached a long loop to the pouch so that I can carry it like a sling bag. Here goes the process:

What you need :

Wool: 3 colours
Crochet needle 5.5mm
Sewing needle and thread


( I have prepared this for 5 inch mobile you can increase or decrease the chains as per your mobile size)

Crochet 40 chains and do single crochet for 20 lines. You will get like the below image.

Now fold it to half as show below.
Close both sides with single crochet. 

For closure of the pouch:

At the top on one side do 10 single crochet for 7 lines and in the 8th line do 4 single crochet , 4 chains do slip stitch leaving 3 loops in the middle, again 4 single crochet to the end this will form a loop as a button closure. It will be as shown below.

For long loop to wrap the pouch around the neck:

From one end do 40 chains and do 40 single crochet and join it to the other end as a sling .

In the place of button I prepared a small flower and another 2 flowers I used as a decoration.

Small flower: I used red colour.

3 chains join with slip stitch. From the middle do 12 single crochet.

Big flower: 

3 chains join with slip stitch. Do 12 single crochet from the middle and join with slip stitch. 3 chains and do 4 double crochet in one chain join with slip stitch in next chain.
Again  5 double crochet in next chain and slip stitch in the next chain like this repeat in total for 5 times and join with slip stitch. 

Now take thread and needle and stitch one small flower as a button in the top and remaining two flowers at the center and at the bottom. You can decorate the flowers as you like.

A crochet sling pouch for mobile.

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