How to cut a saree blouse (easy method)

How to cut a saree blouse:- Iam not a professional in tailoring or did not learned anywhere. I tried it myself out of my personal interest. Initially I searched in the internet and tried different methods to cut a blouse but in vain every method seems to be difficult for me. Finally i found an easy way to cut the blouse. 
Here goes the method to cut the blouse.
First take any old blouse which fits you exactly. Remove all stitches carefully. Iron all the pieces of the unstitched blouse. 
Now take a chart place each piece on the chart and trace each piece exactly. Cut the chart along with the outline.
Now take a blouse piece you want to stitch iron the blouse piece. Place it on a flat surface and arrange the chart pieces on it as shown in the below image

Trace it and cut along the outlines. You will get 1 back piece, 2 front pieces, 2 hands, 4 cross belts , hooks and thread pieces.

Trace the darts on the front and back pieces. You can see the blue lines in the above image, trace it exactly from the old blouse. The secret of the exact blouse shape is through the darts. 
I found it as the easy method to cut a blouse. Hope this will help anyone who want to try it on their own.

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